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How to Prepare Your Kids’ Teeth for Halloween Candy
It’s about that time. Your kids will be hauling bags of candy home. You want your kids to have fun, so it’s okay to let them have some Children's Dentist Gastonia, NCcandy. But, before your kids go trick-or-treating, remember these tips from your dentist in Gastonia.
Many Americans enjoy sweet things, such as candy, but it’s important to eat treats in moderation. After the kids get back, sort out their candy and pick certain pieces that they can eat for the night. You can store the rest away for another time. Your kids can enjoy some of their favorite pieces of candy without the overload of sugar.
Eat candy before or after a meal
We know this doesn’t sound correct. We have always been told that treats can spoil our appetite before dinner. Let your kids eat a piece of Halloween candy with or after a meal. Certain foods cause you to salivate more, which helps neutralize the acidity of candy. It’s easier to wash away sugar and other candy debris with healthy food.
Remember to brush and floss
Remind your kids to brush and floss before going to bed, but try to wait at least an hour. Sugar and acid can weaken enamel, so brushing right after may adversely affect the surface of your teeth.
One night of candy won’t cause a cavity, but if your child mentions a toothache and other symptoms, he or she may have developed the cavity before the Halloween festivities. At our Gastonia, NC dentist office, we use general dentist techniques to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. It’s a team effort to keep your mouth and teeth healthy. We use general dentistry practices to instruct patients how to practice better hygiene and eating habits.  
What costumes do your kids have in store this Halloween? We are excited to hear from you!